Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


So......there few people that I need to brag about and thank. It only seems fit to open up a page let you know who they are and share their amazingness with those in the world.


The best parents anyone could ever hope for. 40 years of marriage and still going strong. Where would I be without you both. I am forever blessed that I am your daughter.

Bethany Ryles

Wowzer.... this lady is one hell of a picture maker. Sometimes shy, sometimes not, this beautiful lady has helped my pieces come to life with her amazing photography skills. Beth has an eye for capturing the moment. Seeing something in its perfect time and place. She sees moments in forms and shapes. You can catch more of her work here & here.

North Coast TAFE

Yep, I'm still studying & if I have it my way I'll studying for the rest of my life. Ceramics is the most fulfilling adventure I've ever embarked upon. People are always asking where they can start or continue their ceramics education. The amazing folk in the Arts department will send you on your way in leaps and bounds. Interested? Check them out here.

Ruth Parks & Azayl O'Sullivan you are just incredible. Such strong, defining women.


And all the rest... you know who you are